2018 Performers

Chris Isaacs

Eager, Arizona

A multi award winning poet and storyteller, Chris has lived the life that he tells about.

He has cowboyed for most of his 70-plus years, and his poems and stories are alive with the heart and humor of life from a cowboy’s point of view.

He can usually find the funny side of any situation, and is considered by many to be one of the finest humorists in the country, but he is also passionate about his art form. “Humor has always been a great part of the cowboy poetry genre,” he says. “But those critics who say that is all cowboy poetry is need to dig a little deeper. They might be surprised at what they find.”

Chris has worked at many different aspects of the cowboy life, from being a full-time working cowboy, to rodeoing, to many years as a packer. Semi-retired now he currently day works a little, travels the country performing or when not doing either of those things he can be found pretty close to home in Eagar Arizona, with Helen, his wife of 49 years.

For more information about Chris Isaacs, visit www.chrisisaacs.com