2018 Performers

Cowboy Celtic

Turner Valley, Alberta

Hard to believe, but Ireland, Scotland and Wales had working cowboys long before North America was North America. When those buckaroos from across the pond headed this way looking for greener pastures, they brought their music along and unknowingly gave their newfound cowboy friends a wonderful gift – templates for the soundtrack of the Old West. And it took Canadian band Cowboy Celtic to really figure that out. David Wilkie and his group have spent years exploring this connection and crafting their arrangements of traditional and original compositions to reflect the bond between chaps and tartan. Beautiful vocal harmonies backed by guitar (Denise Withnell), mandolin (David Wilkie), fiddle (Joseph Hertz), and Celtic harp (Keri Lynn Zwicker) will take you from the rolling hills of Ireland to the dusty trails of Texas and many places in between. Plus, they wear some really cool hats. www.cowboyceltic.ca

We don’t play traditional cowboy music and we don’t play traditional Celtic music. We play the kind of music that you’d have heard if you pushed back the swingin’ doors at an Irish pub in Tombstone or Dodge City. David Wilkie


For more information about Cowboy Celtic, visit www.cowboyceltic.com