2018 Performers

Heather Watson & Nathan Schmidt

Paden, Oklahoma

This sister and brother duo were born in South Texas where they grew up at a home connected to their Dad’s Vet Clinic. There they learned the value of hard work and were privileged to do ranch work with friends. Mom taught them their first chords on Dad’s guitar and in time they picked up the fiddle, mandolin and bass. They’ve been loving the ranching lifestyle and playing music for as long as they can remember.
In 2006, their family moved to a ranch in Oklahoma where they run a few head of cattle.
Heather (22) is now married. She stays busy raising their 1 1/2 year old boy Cordell, and baby girl Cheyenne, teaching music lessons, raising puppies and helping her husband Adam with taking care of their cattle and other various ranch work.
Nathan (19) hasn’t got himself hitched yet. You’ll find him doing day work, starting colts, working at sale barns, team roping and raising some of his own cattle.
They both hope to carry on the tradition of cowboy music, singing songs about the Lord and the lifestyle He’s blessed them with.