2019 Performers

Jean Prescott

Ovalo, Texas

With her roots firmly planted in Texas, Jean grew up horseback in West Texas, living and loving the rural western lifestyle. This way of life and her love of music came together over the years and led to the best of both worlds for her. Jean says she’s a singer, songwriter and once and only once, a wild bronc rider.

A multiple award winning singer/songwriter recognized by the Texas Legislature for her contribution to the preservation of Texas history through her music, Jean is often called “The First Lady of Western Music.” For over 25 years she has shared and continues to share her love of the western lifestyle and its traditions through songs about the real west of yesterday and today. The heart of her music is the stories in her songs about those who came before us when the west was wild and untamed as well as life in the west as it is today, sometimes still wild and untamed.

With her songs described as “The Spiritual Essence of the West,” it has been said that Jean belongs to the land and its people and she upholds the heritage, traditions and values of the western lifestyle.

For more information about Jean Prescott, visit www.JeanPrescott.com