2018 Performers

Keith Ward

Vilas, North Carolina

Keith grew up on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina near Boone.  They raised beef, hay, tobacco, pepper and various other vegetable crops.  Horses have always been a part of his life although he didn’t have much time for “pleasure horses” as his Daddy called them.  Just about everybody around had work horses or mules used for working the crops.

After Keith was grown and had married that pretty little red head, he quit farming and went to work in law enforcement.  He kept cattle and horses as a supplement to his income (“Policemen don’t get paid much around here.”). (“Cattle and horses don’t pay much around here either.”)  Keith quit police work after twenty years and now makes his living as a “dude wrangler.”  He owns and operates a guided trail ride business called Dutch Creek Trails.

Keith began writing poetry early.  His background gives him lots of inspiration for his poems.  Some are purely fictional and some are based on true events that have happened to him.

For more information about Keith Ward, visit www.dutchcreektrails.com