2018 Performers

R.P. Smith

Custer County, Nebraska

R.P. is the fourth generation to raise cattle on the Pine Crest Ranch in Custer County, Nebraska. Pine Crest Ranch marked its centennial in 2006.  R.P. says “It still isn’t a real big place, I just come from a long line of stubborn and persistent people.”  The commentary and poetry that R.P. shares are a by-product of the beef industry and have been processed by reciting for ruminates, relatives and ranchers.

R.P.’s material is inspired by his family and what’s going on at the ranch, giving his work an authenticity and down-to-earth quality that strikes a familiar chord with his audiences, regardless of their occupation. He has found that humor and a firm faith that God is in control are mighty important tools to have when life takes an unexpected turn.

One of the biggest unexpected turns in R.P.s life have been the many opportunities he has had to present his stories and poetry. He has had the opportunity to share his talent in sixteen states and has even slipped over the border into Canada.

He also hosts a weekly radio program, “Homegrown” which features his own poetry and commentary along with showcasing some of the talented folks he has met in his travels. The program is also available on the web at www.rpsmith.us

R.P. is always glad to get back home and wait for the next inspiration to come, when he is stricken with a new idea he tries it out on his wife, the dogs and replacement heifers, and when he wants a tough audience, his six children.

For more information about R.P. Smith, visit www.rpsmith.us