Tibb Burnet

Benjamin, TX

Almost daily Tibb Burnett goes to the quaint and colorful rim of the Wichita River breaks for a reverent chit chat. Thirty three miles to the left is the 4 Sixes Ranch, fifteen miles to the right Waggoner’s Corners, the ranch he was partly raised on and did extensive cowboying on.

Tibb is the great nephew of cattle baron, Burk Burnett, and was named after Burk’s brother, Tillman, called Tibb all his life. Tibb has written poetry for over 45 years, and in 1997 Buck Ramsey urged him to go public. Tibb has performed at the National Cowboy Symposium, The Nara Visa New Mexico Gathering, The National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City, and here in Alpine.

Tibb loves to experiment with changing characters with each poem.