Student Contest

Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Student Poetry Contest

2016 Winners

Level 1 – Noah Ivy, “Cowboy Hat”, Carol Holt Elementary, Mansfield, 1st Place; Maisie Corbin, “My Hen”, Dirks Anderson Elementary, Fort Davis, 2nd Place; Alayna Nation, “The Horse and the Cowgirl”, Marfa Elementary, 3rd Place.

Level 2 – Isaac Nunez, “A Cowboy’s Hat”, Marfa Elementary, 1st Place; Esaias Salazar, “The Real Cowboy”, Dirks Anderson Elementary, Fort Davis, 2nd Place; Garrison Nation, “Night Rider”, Marfa Elementary, 3rd Place.

Level 3 – Jayden Parker, “Ranch Dogs”, Dirks Anderson Elementary, Fort Davis, 1st Place; Janelly Pereira, “Cowboy Lane”, Marfa Elementary, 2nd Place; Anda Eckley, “We Gathered Up Supplies”, Alpine Christian School, 3rd Place.

Level 4 – Devin Padilla, “Cat in a Cowboy Hat”, Danny Jones Middle School, Mansfield, 1st Place; Monique Perez, “My Ride Out”, Marathon Middle School, 2nd Place; Bailey Barlow, “Night in West Texas”, Marathon Middle School, 3rd Place.

Level 5 – Rori Roberts, “The Rope”, Home School Cambellton, 1st Place; Ezra Staart, “Bottle Rocket”, Home School, Wheaton, Wyoming, 2nd Place; Noah Aguilar, “The Few”, Marathon High School, 3rd Place.

GRADE LEVELS: (1st – 2nd – 3rd place winners in each level)
Grades K-1-2 Level I
Grades 3-4 Level II
Grades 5-6 Level III
Grades 7-8 Level IV
Grades 9-12 Level V

Topics must be related to ranch life (cowboys, cowgirls, livestock, rodeo, ranch pets, environment, etc.)
Poems must be a minimum of eight lines (four at Level I) and a maximum of two pages.
Poems may be handwritten or typed (double-spaced if typed) and must be the original work of the student.
Only one entry is allowed from each student for placement in the contest.
Poems written in a language other than English must have a translation attached.
No illustrations or decorations should adorn the paper.
Poems are judged on creativity, originality, figurative language, appropriateness of content, and structure (traditional form–that is: rhyme, rhythm, voice, stanzaic pattern, and other elements which comprise poetry).

Each poet will receive a certificate of participation, with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receiving special plaque awards; and all are invited to read their poems in the “Young Uns” session Saturday, February 28th, at 11:00 a. m. at Briscoe Administration Building Room 302 and encouraged to attend the “Carrying on the Tradition” session given by our poet’s and their children.